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Getting Your Equipment In Order For The Fall Season
by posted 08/26/2014

WYHA Families,

As you get ready for the start of a new hockey season, it’s important to take a few minutes to make sure your equipment is ready for the long haul by ensuring that it’s not only in good working order, but that it’s clean. Here’s a brief checklist of things to look at before packing up your hockey bag.

Considering how much sweat it absorbs during the season, the helmet deserves as much cleaning attention as any other piece of equipment. The protective padding can act like a sponge, trapping all that sweat inside. To clean your helmet, use a gentle soap and warm water to scrub it out. Then leave it outside to air dry.

To clean your mouthguard, use a toothbrush and some mouthwash and give it a good brushing. It’s probably a good idea to keep your mouthguard in a protective case to keep it clean. If you don’t have a protective case, even a zip lock plastic baggie is better than letting your mouthguard sit at the bottom of your hockey bag.

Your shoulder pads, shin pads and elbow pads call all use a good spin through the gentle cycle of your washing machine along with your hockey pants. Once you’re done, hang them outside to air dry. Whatever you do, don’t throw your pads and pants in the dryer. All sorts of terrible things can happen.

Your gloves and skates are likely the smelliest pieces of equipment in your hockey bag. You can take your gloves for a spin in the washing machine, using the gentle cycle, or soak them in the sink using some soapy water. Once again, don’t put them in the dryer. For leather items you can spray with disinfectant  and allow to air dry. With your skates, take out the laces and pull back the tongues. You can also use a little foot powder to get rid of the smell. Take some time to check your skate blades for rust, cracks, and abnormal wear. You can always visit your local pro shop to replace the blades rather than buy a new pair of skates.

All the cleaning won’t mean much if you don’t clean your equipment bag as well. After giving your bag a good shake to get rid of all those little odds and ends that found their way to the bottom over the course of the season, spray it with a little Febreze and let it air out far from any living creatures.

WYHA Communications Director

Tim McMahon

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First Practice Checklist
by posted 08/21/2014



It is finally here, time for the first practice of the season.  WYHA will start the week of September 8th for the 2014-2015 season. There are a few items you can complete now that will make check-in on your first practice easier.
First Practice Checklist
1)      Complete USA Hockey/Mass Hockey Registration Online (Click Here). Print bar code given by USA hockey.
2)      Enter USAH # on (This will eliminate the need to bring the bar coded form to the first practice.)
3)      Pay First Ice Fee by mailing payment to PO BOX 1161 Westfield, MA 01085.  We only accept payment by check, no cash nor credit card. Do not mail payment after September 3rd since we won't receive it prior to your first practice. Instead bring payment to the first practice.
4)      If you are new to WYHA bring a copy of your Birth Certificate (You can upload it to our website if you like under the player’s profile.)
5)      Print out the 'USA Hockey Consent To Treat Form', complete, and bring it to the first practice.
Please allow extra time at the first practice as all players will be required to check in to ensure all items are complete. No players will be allowed to skate unless all items listed above are completed.

Contact Tim McMahon at with any questions.

WYHA Executive Board

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WYHA Golf Tournament Sponsorships
by posted 08/20/2014


Dear WYHA Families:

Now that we are underway with the promotion of our first annual golf tournament to raise funds to support all of the teams of the association, we are asking all families to assist in getting greens/tee sponsors.  The informational flyer for the tournament, which also denotes the different greens/tee sponsorship levels available, was sent out to all members via email and can also be found on the WYHA website.  Sponsorship by area businesses is vital to the success of the event as this is where the majority of proceeds will come from.  With that being said, the association is offering a $200.00 credit toward ice fees for the family that brings in the most sponsorship dollars.  To make tracking easier, when returning sponsor forms, please be sure to note the player name and team on the sponsorship form.  We appreciate everyone’s help with this.

Additionally, anyone interested on golfing in the tournament can either use the form that was emailed or on the website,  pick up a flyer at Amelia Park or contact either Chris “Bubba” Bard at 348-7048 or Lynn Grant at 896-0504 to get a flyer.

We look forward to the first of many successful tournaments!

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Ice Hockey Fees and USA Hockey Registration
by posted 08/01/2014

As usual summer is flying by which means hockey season is right around the corner.  This is a good time to remind everyone of the first ice fee payment and USA Hockey Registration.
2014-2015 Ice Fees:
The first ice payment schedule for 2014-2015 is below.  The first ice payment is due into Westfield Youth Hockey by September 1, 2014.
Novice (Mini-Mite):     $200 per session, 3 sessions in total
Mites:                        $450
Squirts & Peewees:   $650
Bantams:                   $700
The second payment will be determined by October 1, 2014 and be due on January 15, 2015. You can expect the second ice payment in January to be comparable to the amount of your first payment.
USA Hockey Registration:
All hockey players and coaches must register online with USA Hockey before our first practice in September. This is a critical step as USA Hockey insures our players and coaches for the season.
Simply go to and click on the USA Hockey Registration link in the upper right hand corner.  You can also go to and click on the Register Online button at the top of the page. For birth years 2006 and older the USA Hockey Fee is $40 and the Mass Hockey Fee is $8.  There is no fee for player with birth years 2005 and younger but registration is still required.
After you have you registration number we ask that you enter it on our webpage.  Login into your account with your username and password.   Navigate to Edit My Account on left hand side of the page and select your player you want to Edit Information. You can enter the USA Hockey Registration Number at the bottom of the page. Click Submit.
Both the payment and USA Hockey registration must be complete in order to be allowed to skate at the first practice.

WYHA Executive Board

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Golf Tournament Fundraiser Brochure
by posted 07/20/2014

Download the brochure here

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Amelia Park Summer Activities
by posted 06/19/2014

There is something for everyone to enjoy at our hometown rink. Amelia Park is offering a number of great programs for the whole family. Support our local rink.

Amelia Park

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Save the Date
by posted 06/19/2014

WYHA is organizing a GOLF TOURNAMENT as a fundraiser for the upcoming season.


Save the Date!!!


Sunday, October 5th, 2014 

12:30 pm

​Tekoa Country Club



​More details to come in the coming months.


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Looking for Organization Volunteers
by posted 06/19/2014

WYHA is looking for parent volunteers to fill some important open positions in our organization.  We are only able to offer these great programs because of our parent volunteers. Most positions don't require a lot time nor expertise. They need a person to organize the activity.


If you are interested in helping our organization in one of the following positions contact Kevin Chrisanthopoulos at


Equipment Manager
• The Equipment Manager shall report directly to the 2nd Vice-President.
• Responsible for procurement, distribution, collecting and storing of all required gear including: uniforms, first aid kits, pucks, water bottles, goalie equipment and other gear as needed.
• Responsible for keeping an inventory record of equipment.

• The position will involve working in conjunction with the Merchandise Coordinator for team uniforms, socks, and associated gear.


Merchandise Coordinator
• The Merchandise Coordinator shall be responsible for procurement and distribution of event merchandise including but not limited to pins, trophies and patches.
• The Merchandise Coordinator shall be responsible for procurement, sale and distribution of all WYHA Merchandise such as clothing, hats, etc.
• The Merchandise Coordinator works closely with the Director of Finance.


Safety Coordinator

• The Merchandise Coordinator shall be responsible for procurement and distribution of safety equipment to teams.
• The Safety Coordinator shall be responsible for scheduled safety training with coaches annually.
• The Safety Coordinator works closely with the Mass Hockey Safesport Coordinator.


Fundraising Coordinator
• The Fundraising Coordinator shall report directly to the Director of Finance.
• Present to Executive Board of Directors all proposed association fundraising events for upcoming season.
• Give to Director of Finance breakdown of all anticipated costs and associated income related to Executive Board of Directors approved fundraising events for budget preparation
• Give to Director of Communication schedule of approved events for internal and external communication.
• Liaison between WYHA and outside vendors for fundraising events.
• Present to Executive Board of Directors invoices related to fundraisers for payment approval.
• Obtaining all proper licenses and association release forms required for fundraising events.
• Perform such additional duties as may be required by Executive Board of Directors.
• Must approve all individual team fundraisers. Any WYHA merchandise cannot be used as an individual team fundraiser.

Public Relations
• Shall report directly to the Director of Communications.
• Work with Team Rep Coordinator, Team Reps and Webmaster to promote communication.
• Report on the individual team related events and accomplishments.
• Coordinate regular communications.

• Perform additional duties as may be assigned by the Executive Board.

Team Representative Coordinator
• The Team Rep Coordinator shall report directly to the Director of Communication.
• Create Team Rep job descriptions to hand out to all team members at the beginning of the season.
• Compile a list of all team reps from the association and coordinate an information meeting in September to explain their responsibilities.
• Each team rep should receive a copy of the WYHA Bylaws and any other forms deemed necessary to complete their job.
• The Team Rep Coordinator shall be the main point of contact for all team representatives.

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